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CheapTickets is an online travel services company focusing on the leisure market, offering airline tickets, hotel and vacation rentals, rental cars, customized vacation packages, and cruises. CheapTickets was a wholly owned subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., and with Expedia Inc.'s purchase of Orbitz, it is now a subsidiary of Expedia Group.

A customer shared his experience, "CheapTickets customer service was not the best, I was not pleased with the selection of hotels, the hotel I was referred to was not suitable. I would not book with CheapTickets"


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Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"this was a temporary project working for the finance manager. He was a really good guy, treated me very well. The spreadsheets were disorganized with the info on the tabs being organized in a haphazard manner, nothing lining up, reports being generated on ancient software. I think I helped them get better organized, but they still needed some work, as well as more modern software. Remember this was a long time ago.good conditions, good supervisortemp project"

Network Administrator, Colorado Springs Center (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the work itself but management was a real slave driver. I was in charge of the call center IT work and kept it running pretty smooth but management was always making changes that a lot of time didn't make sense.Love working with the peoplemanagement seem unorganized"

Anne-Lise Bosmans says

"I asked Cheaptickets for a refund of flights that were cancelled by the airline due to the pandemic. The flights were scheduled for May, I received a voucher from the airline after cancellation. I asked for a refund of that voucher in July, at which point Cheaptickets claimed my flights had not even been cancelled. After many messages back and forth, they confirmed that my booking had indeed been cancelled by the airline and they claimed they had started my refund application, which could take up to 4 weeks. When those 4 weeks had passed, I contacted customer service again but I only received automated replies, saying that my request was in progress and I needed to be patient. It was at the end of October that I was informed that my request had been cancelled by Cheaptickets! They claimed this was because I had received a voucher instead, which makes no sense since I asked for a refund of the voucher in the first place. Again, they promised to finalize my “new” request within 4 weeks. It has been over a month now but I still haven’t seen my money back. Customer service is not responding to my messages anymore. Even given the circumstances, this customer service is the worst. UPDATE: today I was informed that my refund was denied by KLM, even though KLM promises to refund all vouchers! No reason or explanation given."

Ivan S. says

"Thieves and scammers"


"If I could give Cheaptickets a 0 star rating, that would still be too nice! We booked our Costa Rica trip through them back on Nov 7 for a vacation to visit our son from Nov 21-28. We get to the airport, check our baggage with the Delta agent, and she says, "enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico!" This was our first alert to the problem! The delta agent tries to work some things out but ultimately we have to call Cheaptickets because that's who we originally used to book this trip. After hours on hold and missing our original flight, a Cheapticket agent finally answers and says that Delta made the mistake and that they show they booked us a flight to SJO airport in Costa Rica! They insist it is a problem with Delta and we need to call them to correct it. After we're on hold for another hour with Delta, they inform us that our confirmation notice from Cheaptickets was wrong all along! The confirmation info said we were going to the SJU airport in Puerto Rico! We had never noticed Cheaptickets' mistake! The Delta agent tried to get us another flight to see our son in CR but ultimately it was going to cost so much more money and it just wasn't going to be feasible. But Delta could not give us a refund on our missed trip because we booked through Cheaptickets. So, we had to call Cheaptickets back. After another hour on hold, their agent tells us that they could not refund our trip because we 1) didn't flag their mistake back on Nov 7 AND 2) we were "no shows" for our flight that day!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! They screwed up and WE didn't catch it so now we weren't getting a refund! They were absolutely no help whatsoever! So now we weren't going on our trip to see our son for Thanksgiving and we also couldn't go back to our home because we had allowed some extended family members who were in OK from FL to stay in our home while we were gone! Not to mention the money we were now going to throw away on a hotel in OK and not get a refund for our hotel in Costa Rica! Cheaptickets made a mistake and now we are suffering from this! I will NEVER EVER EVER use their services again and I will NEVER EVER EVER recommend them to anyone I know or meet. I will be filling out reviews on them with the better business bureau and anywhere else I can find to let others know about their ineptness and terrible customer service! Shame on you Cheaptickets!"

Caitlyn H says

"CheapTickets has horrible customer service and has neglected to refund an $840 flight ticket of mine, and it has been 5+ months since the flight was cancelled. Twice after I've waited the 6-8 weeks or more and sat on the phone or chat for hours with customer service, I have been told the refund was not processed correctly. I am now being told to wait an additional 2-3 months. Here's what has happened. I purchased a ticket pre-COVID, in January, for a study abroad trip that was supposed to take place in May. The trip was of course cancelled, so I requested a cancellation of my flight from CheapTickets as well as the airway the flight was through in March. The airway responded that the flight had already been cancelled. I never received an official notification of this flight cancellation from CheapTickets or the airline. At this time, CheapTickets wasn't even accepting phone calls for anyone without a reservation scheduled for the next 14 days, so I struggled to get ahold of anyone for help. CheapTickets never offered me a refund but instead a flight credit in March or April. I found out that they were legally obligated to refund my ticket because the flight was cancelled, so I requested the refund in May and was told I'd have to wait 6 weeks or more. I contacted them in July and was told to continue waiting because it could take 10 weeks or more. By August I had still not received payment, so I sat on the phone with customer service for hours and eventually was told the payment wasn't processed properly and would have to wait another 6 to 8 weeks. It is now November, and I contacted them again requesting an update, and after hours of online chat communication and being told to wait, I was told AGAIN that my payment was not processed properly and that I have to wait an additional 8-10 weeks. I requested multiple times to receive contact information of an individual for a quicker more efficient follow up and was ignored/denied over and over again. I also asked numerous times for more information as to why the refund didn't process correctly twice now and was ignored/denied for that too. Also the card I purchased the tickets with back in January is supposed to expire this month, and I brought up this as a concern for how they would refund me, and I was again ignored. I requested to be called by a supervisor and provided my phone number. The person I was speaking to told me I'd receive a call in the next 24 hours. Mind you its 6:30 PM here, and if I miss the call, I will have no way to call back and will be forced to sit on the phone for hours again. I expressed my concern for this and was told that since I asked for a supervisor, I'll have to wait. I'm astonished at the lack of quality in their customer service. There is no reason I should have to wait 5-8+ months for an $840 refund. Also I should note I purchased these tickets at the same time as a friend. We got the exact same tickets, same flights, etc. all through CheapTickets. He was refunded without issue back in April or May. I'm so frustrated and disappointed."

Chui Leung says

"We request to re-schedule the flight through email. But no one response. The hotline can never be reached. Passenger information was not passed to the airline, we cannot even ask the airlines to help."

Bilal FreeMan says

"They're Scam. They refused to reschedule my flight and refused to refund me they money after One hour speaking to an Agent Edward. I asked for his supervisor his response we don't have supervisor But I'm the Manager he said"

victoria de la paz says

"What a scam!!! They have been holding my money for 7 months since I booked my flight that was later cancelled due to Covid-19. Now they are saying it will take 8-10 weeks to issue a refund. I called customer service and they told me to call the airline. I called the airline and they won't issue the credit without having a request from cheaptickets. Such a disrespect for people's money. NEVER AGAIN!!!"

Christopher Jackson says

"I think this company is a scam! I booked a flight with one the the agents and 1) the agent inputted the wrong date of travel after we confirmed everything over the phone and 2) did not send me a confirmation email of the trip. I contacted customer suppport and they said the could not change it despite the fact I have YET to receive a confirmation email containing the itinerary. The cannot provide me the itinerary and will not change the flight despite the error by the agent.PLEASE do not use this company. You will be better off contacting the airlines directly to ensure you are getting professional service and will not be ripped off!"

Jane Moura says

"I bought a flight to Israel in February and the flight in June was cancelled due to COVID. I've sent several emails to receive my money back 336 CHF but i didn't get any response until today. It's been 4 months without response and so far the refund."

Drew Baldridge says

"Worst service I’ve ever experienced. Our flights got cancelled due to Covid 5 and a half months ago and still haven’t received a refund. Every time I call they Say 6 to 8 weeks. We are out over 2k dollars. We will never book them again!"

adamtb says

"If there was a MINUS rating option Cheaptickets would warrant it. AVOID!!!"

Tara Miller says

"cheaptickets changed a flight for my bf to the day after so he misses important work AND an important doctor's Appt. (They also f***** up before to change another flight but let's not go there!) This has caused us to be both in a horrible mood his last day visiting me. F*** you cheaptickets. You don't even deserve respect to get a capital letter from me! The owner of this s**** should be too ashamed to walk outside."

Drew Affiliate says

"My flight got cancelled and they refused to refund me an amount of 866.72. I called 10 times and waited on the phone for 3 hours and I was told that they were going to look into it. I received an email stating that they are unable to contact the airline to process a refund. Here is the summary of my experience with cheap tickets. I lost $866.72 USD, and I had to call 10 times, probably more and waited on the phone for 3 hours to be told that I cannot get a refund even though my flight was cancelled. Just sharing an unbiased experience Good luck!"

Ashley Groenland says

"NEVER EVER BOOK YOUR TICKET WITH CHEAPTICKETS! The customer service is the worst. I’ve been waiting for an answer since March 2020 (it’s now July). I’ve had contact once with an employee about changing my ticket date, because we had to leave America asap due to the corona crisis. They did not help me neither did they reply within the period of 4 (!!) months"

Peter says

"After 3 months and further failed attempts to get a refund I have to confirm for sure my previous conclusion that you will not get a refund or even the courtesy of a reply if you book with the Thai branch of I wrote several times both before and after my scheduled British Airways return flight from London Heathrow to Bangkok on April 8th, which British Airways cancelled because of the corona virus pandemic. British Airways will not refund you if you buy through an agency, but this agency will not refund you and in my case, not even bother to reply."

Debi says

"Never EVER use to book your flights. We booked through them a month ago for a flight leaving tomorrow. Yesterday they emailed saying the credit card was not working and to call them. When we called they said no we charged your card but we need to change your flights. Once the call was complete the lady said you will receive confirmation via email in 3 or 4 hours. We never received so we called this morning and she said we need to rebook again because those flights weren’t available now either. Long story short, the original tickets were like $170 but to book them today is $1000. So... just know when you book your tickets, they are not really booked! Will NEVER use them again!"

Princess says

"I tried to cancel a ticket with in 24 hours of booking. I completed the online cancellation form 3 times. I’ve been on hold with a customer tangent for over an hour. Total waste of time. I Will be contacting my lawyer if I don’t receive a FULL refund ASAP."

Hector R Morales says


Terrible Service! says

"Would give a zero if possible. Flights cancelled due to Covid, no refund, no credit, out $1200. You cannot email them or talk to anyone. They need to be shut down, total rip off. I booked another flight through them assuming was getting the credit, it didn’t register and now have another charge and flights. DO NOT USE !!!"

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